Standard Polespear 3 Prong 7'

Solid black fiberglass construction with 10L14 heavy gage prongs.  These three prong pole spears are the standard in the Hawaiian isles.  Proven and found in almost every house hold,  three prongs are great for taking anything from menpachi (solider fish) and aholehole (Hawaiian Flagtail), to uhus and goats (med/large game) these are common amongest any skill of diver.  Each prong head comes with a detachable, three-pring head which drive into the fish paralyzing it. Available in sizes 5', 6' and 7 feet.


Fiber glass rod - for durability and 'punch' in shots

3-Prong head - for holding or paralyzing fish

Detachable head - for simple head/tip change outs

Rubber sling - ease of use, fast reload, adjustable power

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