Advanced Open Water Certification

Cost: $624.99

  • One pool session 
  • 5 open water dives. 2 of the open water dives will be the core deep and navigation dives. Students will have the opportunity to go on 3 elective dives based upon instructor recommendations.
  • Includes 2 dives off our shop boat, the Island Diver.

    Required Materials

    • For advanced class dives you must supply a total scuba diving system including BCD, regulator, alternate air source, dive computer or submersible pressure gauge. This equipment may be rented from our rental department for an additional $50, or purchased from Dive N Surf for a 15% discount.
    • Compass, timing device, dive knife, slate, whistle, primary dive light, back-up light, and tank light stick. Students will receive a 15% discount on all non-sale gear purchases through Dive N Surf.

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