Mask Snorkel Combo

For freedivers looking to blend into underwater ecosystems, there's the Hammerhead Apnea Cameo Two-Lens Mask and Snorkel Freediving Combo. Match the camo pattern with the water you're exploring, and watch fish swim close to you. The realistic pattern is produced through a hydro-dipping process, a new technique that submerges the ultra-soft hypoallergenic silicone in vibrant underwater hues to create different designs. To clear your mask, the low-profile style requires only a short exhale through your nose. This combo includes the Hammerhead Apnea Cameo Snorkel, a traditional j-shaped, low-volume snorkel. The flexible snorkel also goes through the same hydro-dipping process to match the mask. Its low volume structure prevents drag underwater. Explore the ocean on one breath of air with the Hammerhead Apnea Camo Combo.


Ideal for free divers and diver looking for fish to get close

Camo pattern attracts fish by blending in with environment

Made with ultra-soft hypoallergenic silicone

Low-volume mask and snorkel design clears with short breaths

Tempered lenses are strong and resist shock

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