MV4 Mask

With its stealthy black-matte finish, the MV6 might look all business, but its soft skirt and near-custom fit reveal a comfortable and lightweight mask, with pretty good all-around field of view at depth.

The MV6 has a higher field of vision and volume than the ultra low volume MV3.

Able to provide a leak-free fit for a wide range of divers, the MV6 comes with effective push-button buckles and an ultranarrow strap that incorporates a stretchy split headband.

 Choose from two different mask lens types to achieve your desired viewing experience underwater: ultra clear or amber.


ARC-P Lenses are made with an Anti-Reflective Coating (ARC) which effectively blocks reflected light to produces crisp, clear vision underwater. ARC lenses are designed to increase the amount of available light transmitted to the diver's eye while underwater. ARC lenses will enhance contrast and clarity of the underwater world, while reducing eye-strain and glare that hinders vision. ARC lenses are especially helpful in low light conditions, especially when lobstering or hunting under ledges.

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