Hammerhead Dentex Gloves

HammerHead Dentex, Cut and Puncture Resistant Spearfishing and Lobstering gloves are the #1 Selling Warm-Water hand protection for divers in the world.   

Samurai Swords, Bubba Blades, and even Moray Eels are no match for  the HammerHead Dentex Gloves.   The gloves are made from our special blend of UHMWPE fabrics creating a glove that is light, flexible, and offers incredible protection up to 15 times stronger than steel.

Flexible Black Ply-Urethane grip allowed an extra layer of dexterity for speargun triggers, camera buttons, or another application.


The Original Cut and Puncture Resistant WarmWater Spearfishing and Lobstering Gloves with Flexible Poly-Urethane grip

ANSI Cut Level 5, Puncture Level 3 Protection

Manufactured from our special blend of HammerHead UHMWPE black fabric.

Flexible Dipped poly Urethane Grip Coating on the Fingers and Palms

Seamless Knit Design for exceptional dexterity and durability


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