Sea Pearls Soft Weight

Just like the hard weights, Sea Pearls lead shot is manufactured from lead that has been reclaimed from car batteries. The reclaimed lead is melted down and supplemented with small amounts of other elements to enhance its properties. This new alloy is then used to create #5 lead shot. The shot is carefully measured and sewn into heavy-duty nylon mesh bags. Quick draining and drying design.

The most comfortable weights available, if you are placing them in weight pockets hanging from a belt or placing them in your quick-release weight integrated BCD you won't find a more comfortable weight type on the market. Soft outer material allows the thousands of lead shot balls to conform to your equipment or more important your body shape. If you have gotten bruises from hard weight resting on your hip bone these weights will eliminate that problem for you. Weight pockets have double needle stitched sewn seams for strength and prevention of lead shot loss. Each pouch has a tab loop for easy handling.  Proudly made in the USA

Sea Pearls Lead Shot Soft Weights Features


Sea Pearls Lead Shot Soft Weights:

Lead: Reclaimed from Car Batteries, Environmentally Friendly

Reclaimed Lead is Melted Down & Supplemented w/Other Elements to Enhance Properties

New Alloy Used to Create #5 Lead Shot

Carefully Measured & Sewn into Heavy-Duty Nylon Mesh Bags

Double Needle Stitched Sewn Seams

Quick Draining and Drying Design

Most Comfortable Weight Available

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