Body Glove Kids - The Original Mix & Match Mermaid Tail



Have you always dreamed of magically transforming into a mermaid or a merman? Mermaid Linden's Original Mix & Match Mermaid Tails by Body Glove are unlike any other tails in the world! Now you can switch your scales and tails as quickly as you'd change your outfit on land!






Mermaid Linden's special patent-pending design features a FUN new way to customize your mermaid style with different color combinations of monofins and tails to collect! Use your imagination and create a tail that’s uniquely YOU!






The spe-shell sock insert design allows you to swim faster than ever in the water with our super powerful monofin, designed by a real mermaid! Mermaids and mermen can now transform rapidly back into their human form safely and easily with our quick-release design unlike anything you've seen before!






How many different color combinations will you dream up? Collect all of the colors and be the most stylish merperson at the pool!



  • Machine Washable
  • Mix & Match your tails & Monofins for totally different looks!
  • Quick release design for safety
  • Fade resistant fabric 

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