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The NSP DC Surf Range is a reflection of Dale’s current surf performance boards - designed for the SUP surfer looking for short board inspired, ultimate SUP performance. The outlines, rockers and bottom curves are all tuned to maximize on-wave and above wave performance - with the assistance of a paddle. All boards feature an extended concave towards the nose feeding into a double concave through the tail. This design provides the ultimate amount of stability, lift, flow and glide to get you into waves early and with outrageous speed. The options on the wave and even to the air above it are limitless. Another innovation is the Vector Net carbon weave on the rails. The overall construction is stringer-less EPS and each board is hand produced and custom finished. Lamination is clear epoxy fiberglass and the unique Vector Net rails provide controlled and lively flex, with reduced twisting and amazing projection through and out of turns.