DHD Surfboards - 5'11'' Switchblade Epoxicore

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The Switchblade is your complete all round performance shortboard for waves up to 4ft. This board generates speed through your turns in average surf conditions. Now with EpoxiCore!  

Velocity - Superior weight distribution eliminates speed chatter while maintaining a solid connection with the water.  

Control Flex - The control flex contained in the bottom half of the board is the most exciting feature, almost like a compressed spring releasing its energy into the surfer, giving you the confidence to take your surfing to the next level.  

Rail Performance - The weighted rails allow you to bury the rail and provides the necessary control to complete desired maneuvers.  


Concave — Single to Double  

Rocker — Medium to Low  

Glassing — EpoxiCore Construction  

Fins — *FCS 2  

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