Free Dive Combo Kit



The combo kit is highly recommended for beginners and experts alike because of it’s modular foot pocket and blade design. The HammerHead Kaudal fin features an ultra-comfortable foot pocket so soft it can be worn without socks and a removable thermo-plastic blade.

The HammerHead MV3, Low Volume Mask features a matte silicone skirt for maximum comfort and Low Iron Oxide (LIO) lenses which allow up to 8% better visibility over standard lenses. This mask is also fully upgradeable to the popular HammerHead MV3. Action which is the same low volume mask but with an attached mount for your GoPro or MV LED Light (both sold separately).

The HammerHead Freedive J Snorkel with silicone mouth-piece and flexible tube along with a handy carry bag complete the kit for an unparalleled combo pack for expert or aspiring freedivers alike.


MV3 Low Volume Mask

Kaudal Long Blade Fins

Freedive Snorkel

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