Triton 7mm Women's Back Zip Divesuit



One of the leading diving wetsuit in the industry, the Body Glove Triton scuba diving wetsuits boast high performance features that are targeted for maximum warmth as well as comfort. This 7mm anatomically designed wetsuit is made of the proprietary Evoflex neoprene. This low compression foam is lined with a Thermoplush insulated material that is heat retaining. The seals at the wrists and ankles have zippers as well as semi dry cuff seals. The zippers are made of heavy duty #10 zippers. The Triton has a back zip entry system for easy step through and exit from the suit. The legs of the suit have paneling that is articulated so that you have a greater range of motion in the suit with little resistance. On the exterior of the neoprene there is a high density print called (Nano-tritec) that increases the durability of the fabric in high abrasion areas. All features in this wetsuit point to it's superior design. The suit has liquidwed interior and compression hinges. Finally, the Triton boast comfortable extended kneepads. This suit is one of the warmest suits on the market.


  • Nano-tritec seat
  • Evoflex material
  • Radial shoulders
  • Compression hinges
  • Extended knee pads
  • 100% evoflex taping
  • Low compression foam
  • Thermoplush insulation
  • Heavy duty #10 extended back zip
  • Wrist & ankle zippers
  • Cuff seals

Collections: ACTIVITIES, Neoprene, SCUBA DIVING

Category: Body Glove


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